A Hidden Key to Revival

Several years ago I was at a revival service designed to draw people from many different churches. While the worship was going on, I was fighting disappointment and frustration for the lack of participation from local congregations. In that moment, the Holy Spirit suddenly came on me and I saw the strategy of the enemy to divide the church through dishonor.

I saw that each church had stronger gifts and anointings in certain areas such as evangelism or the prophetic. Because of the grace on their lives for these gifts, they were measuring and judging other believers and churches that weren’t as strong as they were. Then the Lord said to me, “The Church has become weak because they have not honored one another.” God began to pierce my own heart and revealed to me how I had also judged other believers by the standard of my own gifting. As I repented, it was as if my eyes were opened to see the beauty in the diversity of the body of Christ for the first time. I was grieved that I had built walls against other believers through my dishonor. Dishonor creates barriers, but honor builds bridges where we have access to the anointings on one another’s lives.

The people that found it the most difficult to honor Jesus were the ones from His own hometown. Jesus’ friends and family couldn’t see past His earthly nature and occupation, and as a result, “He could not do any miracles there” (Mk. 6:5). When Jesus went to other towns they didn’t see a carpenter, but they saw and honored Him as a great prophet and healer. Their honor released Jesus to perform many mighty miracles. Dishonor keeps us focused on people’s weaknesses, but honor causes us to see their strengths.

When we honor others for who they are and what God has given them then we will receive of their anointing and be blessed and strengthened. Matthew 10:41 records, “Anyone who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet's reward.” What blessings and outpourings have we missed because we have not honored the family of God? What could God do in our cities, and even within the walls of our own churches, if we would look past each other’s weaknesses and honored the gift of God? Let’s find out!


Ask the Holy Spirit to show you if you have dishonored anyone around you. As He shows you take time to repent.


Write down the name of a church you are not a part of but you know something about. Write down what negative perceptions you have had of them. Ask God to you show you what he sees in them. Then write an encouraging note and mail it to the pastor of that church.


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