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The fires of worship and prayer are burning in the nations!


In 1000 B.C. King David led Israel into a radical reformation and spiritual revolution when he built a throne of unceasing worship and prayer right in the governmental center of the nation. Since then thousands of groups have set out to pioneer expressions of 24-7 worship and prayer. From the underground church of Northern Iraq, to the entertainment capitol of Hollywood, CA the church is crying out night and day! What is God up to? Why this emphasis on worship and prayer?  Could it be that the modern worship and prayer movement is restoration of David’s Tabernacle?


Enthroned will:


  • Explore the heart, patterns and principles of the Tabernacle of David

  • Delve into Biblical foundations for the night and day worship and prayer movement

  • Discuss the role of prayer and worship for igniting revival, and bringing in the harvest

  • Provoke you to a life long pursuit of the presence of God

  • Give practical insight and blueprints for pioneering night and day worship and prayer.

Enthroned: Bringing God's Kingdom to Earth through Unceasing Worship & Prayer