Discover why your small worship

& prayer gathering is the most important meeting in your city!

Enthroned explores the heartbeat of David's Tabernacle of unceasing worship & prayer as a model for reclaiming our families, cities, and the nations!


  • the power of persistent prayer for breakthrough

  • how prayer and worship prepare the way for revival

  • the role of musicians in the coming harvest

  • the divine blueprint for establishing the Kingdom on earth.

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Jason Upton

If you want to learn about prayer and changing Nations, there is no more experienced person that I can think of than David Fritch!  I have known David for 20 years now.  He is a man of prayer and worship and praise and I know that anything he writes comes from a posture of humility.

Stacey Campbell

David's passion stems from his deep revelation of the Tabernacle of David, as a model to propel people into a lifelong pursuit of the presence of God. Enthroned takes you not only into the history of night and day worship and prayer, but gives you practical steps that, if applied,  will change your present and future walk with God.  I highly recommend it!

Ray Hughes

David has given us a timely book filled with valuable information for creative worshippers. He has mined out a treasure trove of insight and revelation. This book is important, I predict that it will be for a very long time

David Fritch has done a masterful job unpacking and sharing the significance of David’s Tabernacle. He not only addresses the historical and biblical account of David’s work but gives crucial attention to its impact on current church culture.  


As a pastor and church planter, I believe this book is a must-read for any current or future leader. I believe this book frames what God is calling us to wholeheartedly devote our energies and efforts to in our day. David Fritch has written on the page what I hope will be written on all of our hearts.


Michael Miller,

Sr. Pastor Upper Room Church Dallas, TX

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