Turning Dreams 

to Reality E-Course

an e-course to help you awaken, discover & activate your wildest God-sized dreams!

What's stopping you from living your wildest God-Sized Dream?

fear of failure & past mistakes?

doubt that you hear God's voice?

feel unqualified or undeserving?

the pain of dissapointment?

self-doubt & comparison?

finances & lack of support?

I know what it's like...

to feel like you're sitting on dozens of promises and prophetic words that seem as if they will never come to pass. Several years ago I was stuck in hopelessness and fear and didn't even know it. Through a series of events God awakened and healed my heart! Then, I began to dream and dream wildly! From that point on I began to see one dream after another  come to pass. It's my deepest passion to share the truths I learned during some of the toughest times in my life. As you take this course I am convinced God is going to break you free from everything that tried to shut your heart down and unlock child-like hope and courage to step into the greatest days of your life!      -David

"I have known David for 20 years now.  He is a man of prayer and worship and praise and I know that anything he writes or teaches comes from a posture of humility."


-- Jason Upton, Key of David Ministries

This Course Maybe for

You if You are...

  • Ready to silence the voice of fear & doubt!

  • Want to discover your God-sized dream!

  • Longing to get momentum with your goals

  • Want to break limiting patterns & mindsets

  • Desire a practical roadmap for launching your dream

  • Ready to take back leadership of your life and start living your God-given destiny!

David Fritch

is a husband, revivalist, speaker, writer and entrepreneur. He has come alongside key 24/7 prayer movements to pioneer internships, online schools, and worship intensives. David has a M.A. in Practical Theology from Regent University and is passionate about equipping people to step into the fullness of God in our generation. David is the founder of “Thinkable”, a company that is strategically focused on helping ministries and churches launch online learning communities.

6 Powerful Video Lessons

Lesson 1: Born To Dream

You were born to dream! God hard-wired you with the capacity to both envision the future and work towards its fulfillment. In this session we will discuss how Dreaming is a foundational part of both fulfilling your purpose and extending the Kingdom of God on earth.

Lessoon 2: The Battle for the Heart

Dreaming is a function of the heart. If the enemy can persuade you to shut down your heart because of dissapointment, failure or fear then He can steal your dream. In this session we will discuss the symptoms of a "sick heart" and how to get healing so hope can come alive and your dreams can be awakened. This is the session that most students find the greatest breakthrough for unlocking and awakening their dreams.

Lesson 3: Discovering & Discerning Your Dream.

In this session we will answer questions like: 1. How do you get & cultivate a dream? 2. How do you know your dream is from God? 3. How do you know it's time to pursue your dream?

Lesson 4: Preparation for the Dream

Dreams are grown up versions of ourselves. If we are going to fulfill our dream then we will have to stretch and grow. Between Dreaming and fulfillment is a season of preparation and training. If you aren't prepared for what's ahead you will get offended, hurt and even turn back from finishing what God put in your heart. We will discuss how to partner with God to accelerate the growth process on the road to fulfilling your dream.

Lesson 5: Activating the Dream

In this session we will discuss: 1. How to start your dream 2. How to get and sustain momentum 3. How to develop a personal strategy for fulfilling your dream. 4. How to become a focused person and work in your "sweet spot". 5. How to deal with failure.

Lesson 6: The Highly Effective Habits of a Dreamer

In this session we will discuss: 1. The Power of Habits 2. Developing Dream Routines 3. The Practices of successful Dreamers

1 Revelation from this course could redefine life as you know it

 "In the culture I grew up in I was  shamed for dreaming...it was considered wasteful and immature. In my world you forget dreams and desires and wake up and work hard just to survive. In this course God gave me permission to dream! I felt the gentle hand of Holy Spirit coming into to clean & restore the shattered dreams of my heart. David's course took us on a very practical step by step process on how to dream and see it through. I needed to hear every grace packed word he spoke."


--Melissa,  Live Workshop Student

"To not discover, cultivate, and act on your dreams is to rob the next generation of breakthrough. The world is waiting for you to rise!"

What's my Investment?

How much is living life without a dream costing you?  How much time have you sacrificed on the altar of fear, disappointment, and doubt? What could your life, family, health, finances ministry be like if you lived your full potential in Christ? Not faithfully pursuing your dreams may already be costing you a great deal.


What's Inside the Course:

6 inspiring and practical Video Lessons

6 Practical dream launching exercises

Engage with a community of dreamers

Private facebook group with live Q&A

30-Day- 100% Money back Guarantee

Online Course

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30-Day- 100% Money back Guarantee

Online Course

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$ 75



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Dreaming Heart"

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Go through the course material when it's convenient for you. Set your own pace and your own timeline to completion.

Lifetime Access

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If you decide to go back through the course the moment you finish, do it! In fact, your membership gets you lifetime access to the course material.

30-Day- 100% Money back Guarantee

Online Course

1 Time Payment

$ 149


30-Day- 100% Money back Guarantee

Online Course

2 Payments of

$ 75



Frequently asked questions

How does the course work?

When the course is launched you'll receive an email with instructions and access to the content. You can start the course at any time you’d like and go at your own pace.

How long will it take me to finish this course?

Each session is roughly 45 minutes long. How much time you decide to invest in the additional videos and materials is completely up to you. We’d estimate a total of 6-8 hours to complete the course.

How long will I have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to this course!

Is this course available for those outside the USA?

Yes! Because this is an online, digital only course, it is available worldwide.

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