Supernatural Bible Study

Learn how to partner with the Holy Spirit to understand, experience, & activate God's Word.

Right in the Pages of Your Bible there's a wealth of...

  • Supernatural Revelation

  •  Wisdom for Life's Problems

  • Healing from life's hurts

  • Profound God Encounters 

  • Freedom from sinful habits

  • Blueprints for global change

But tragically many never experience this simply because they haven't developed the tools and skills to Study God's Word


This is exactly Why I created the Supernatural

Bible Study Course

Just Imagine Reading

Your Bible and...

  • Really understanding what you read

  • Having to clear the tears from your eyes

  • Feeling overwhelmed by God’s love

  • Not wanting to stop reading

  • Getting caught up in worship

  • Anticipating the next Bible Study time.

  • Experiencing real growth and lifestyle change

What you Will Learn

  • How to Know the Bible Is Reliable

  • How the Old Testament Connects with the New

  • Bible Study Methods to help you unlock the Bible's meaning.

  • How to read the Bible for Encounter

  • How to Stay motivated and consistent in Bible Study

  • How to use the latest Bible Study tools and apps

Discover simple keys for accessing the wealth of God's Word

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