Equipping Our Generation for Revival & Reformation
The Church is in Desperate Need of Revival

We've traded the presence of God for programs, revival for relevance, fire for fame, and the pursuit of man for the pursuit of God. As a result, millions still haven't heard the gospel, and the church remains luke-warm and powerless to shift the tsunami of godless culture. The reality is that if the church doesn't repent and cry out in fasting and prayer we will lose the emerging generation. 

This is Why I do What I do
The Biblical pattern and history testifies that prayer is the key to igniting and sustaining revival. This is why I've given the last 25 years of my life to preaching, teaching and writing in order to raise up expressions of night and day worship and prayer across the earth. I believe that as the church forsakes our dependency on man-made methods and returns to the presence of God that we will see the greatest days of harvest the world has ever known.
How I Serve the Cause of Revival
I strategically partner with key churches and movements to equip the body to live to build prayer movements and to live in the fullness of power.
I consult with churches and ministries who want to pioneer  online schools, prayer rooms or desire to build a praying church
I write books, blogs, articles and devotionals all to equip the church to pray and prepare for revival and reformation. My first book Enthroned is available now.
I offer e-courses to equip you for Intimacy with God, and to live a revival lifestyle. Learn at your own pace and connect to other revivalist.

If you want to learn about prayer and changing Nations, there is no more experienced person that I can think of than David Fritch!  I have known David for 20 years now.  He is a man of prayer and worship and praise and I know that anything he writes comes from a posture of humility.-- Jason Upton, Key of David Ministries

The Tabernacle of David E-Course

God is raising up an unprecedented prayer movement in our generation to prepare the way for the greatest revival and harvest of souls we've ever seen.  The vision of this course is to give you both Biblical foundations and practical insight for night and day worship and prayer.  

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